I am a certified Quantum Healer, Alchemist, and Accelerator for Human Potential. I help people to disrupt their limiting beliefs and blockages so that they can break free and embody their true gifts and talents to create & live their Sacred Dream.

This journey of mine was blessed with many opportunities for growth and I have come to the point where I am choosing from my Soul (versus deciding from my mind).


In my career, I have been blending different aspects of marketing, corporate and non-profit sponsorships and lots and lots of event planning experiences. I then added photography and the healing arts to the mix, which helped me to hone in on what I really love doing: live my life through the Quantum Field, Rituals, travel and to offer 1-on-1 client work, retreats and journeys to the heart. After what has been a life-long dream, I am now location independent ... and I am LOVING it!


I LOVE to travel. It is then, outside of my comfort zone, that I feel most free and with my wings spread wide. I love food, usually the healthy kind but always like to try new things; the more unknown the better.. a curious palate! Deep, soulful conversations are food for my Soul. I love dogs and still miss mine who was my constant companion for more than 14 years. I cherish my friends, each one of them enriched my life in one way or another. I love music and dance, what's better than shaking your bootie for a few hours!?

I was born with a typical German gene of perfectionism and am learning that going with the flow and living more from my feminine serves me better..

Location independent since June 2018, I circumnavigate the Globe in an attempt to expand my horizon; pleasure my thirst for immersing myself in foreign cultures & lands, and treat the Earth & its Beings with respect and compassion while doing so.


Thank you for taking time to visit! If you are interested in projects I have worked on, you can find my global awareness campaign on sexual violence here, and a sign up for my newsletters about upcoming retreats or musings, here!

My wish is that you will find something that inspires you here, or uplifts you in some way.

May the Art of Rituals lead you back to your Heart!

Blessed be, beautiful Souls!

PO Box 222901

Carmel, CA 93922, U.S.A.

WhatsApp: +1-831.236.4542

E-Mail: Stephanie.koehler@icloud.com

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