Quantum Alchemy ~

Leaping into your True North

Bali, April 17-23, 2020

Are you ready to connect with your


Are you ready to live your


Are you ready to create the


Quantum Alchemy will accelerate your vibration and frequency to release any blockages and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your Highest Potential. The energies of Bali, also known as the Island of Gods, will support you as you immerse yourself into this journey HOME to your Self and to FLOW in life.

It is TIME - The world needs YOU!

Say YES to your Soul's calling!

Come join me for this transformational 7-day journey at one of Bali’s awe-inspiring Villas and coastal towns.

Everyone is welcome. Invited to inquire are all who are committed, heart-centered and soul-aligned in their journey of growth and expansion. I am working with people who are seeking to make a difference in the world, who may have held back on their calling but know that deep within their Soul resides a desire to shine and impact others. Ultimately, we all have gifts to share and projects to birth.


The question is: are you willing and ready?

It is my belief that we can all make a contribution to better this world, to grow beyond what we thought possible, to expand and succeed in joyful abundance. Thinking that we are doomed to live a mediocre life or have to follow our ancestors’ path is an illusion. We can, in fact, create and live the most outrageous, unapologetic life. One way beyond our imagination, and one that allows us to thrive in bliss and harmony. This IS the natural state of our Soul!










This journey will give you the tools to achieve that which you want to call into your life.  If this speaks to you, please message me. 


What’s included …

💫 Daily Meditation

💫 Daily Quantum Flow & its Science

💫 Selected Quantum Healing modalities

💫 High Vibration Activations & Codes

💫 Excursions to Balinese energy portals

💫 Ceremonies & Rituals to incorporate in your daily life

💫 Loads of FUN

💫 … also included are Lunch, Dinner &

healthy snacks at the Villa

💫 Group integration call after the retreat


NOT included are ...

  • Lodging, but this is easily attained in the area for any budget

  • Transportation … we can provide a great contact; he is very reasonable and reliable. Transportation in Bali is very inexpensive

























About Me:

I am a certified Quantum Healer, Alchemist, and Accelerator for Human Potential. I help people to disrupt their limiting beliefs and blockages so that they can break free and embody their true gifts and talents to create & live their Sacred Dream. More about me here ..


💎 Quantum Coding

💎 Soul-aligned Purpose

💎 Divine Guidance

💎 Untethered Joy









This is a very special opportunity to hone in on your Soul Identity and to get additional time with me in an intimate setting (VIP group 4 people max). Included is …

💫 Full personal ONLINE Quantum Healing session PRIOR to arrival

💫 Transportation from the airport to the Villa

💫 LODGING at the Villa (8-nights)

💫 Arrival will be one day PRIOR to retreat to begin to dial into your intention for this journey

💫 VIP day at the end of the retreat with lots of pampering and special dinner

💫 Photoshoot to lock in your new YOU the day after retreat ends 

💫 Private integration call after the journey

Join me - click here to apply!

Video and Photo Credit: Theo Widartho

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